created in collaboration with Jason Li, Ziyuan Wang, Emi Sato, and Zhané Lloyd.

D4t4 V01d is an interactive hallway of 360 surviellance footage. the viewer is assigned this specific hallway ]to monitor and report on But something strange happens once they reach the end of the hall. They’ve been detected by their subject who seeks to reclaim their data by corrupting the footage. 

My collaborators and I, envisioned a way of looking at 360 content as a bauble that captures a view of the world from every direction.  This digital hallway of content, contains multiple pieces of different 360 footage and images side by side. Where traditional methods of handling 360 video require users to put on headsets or cardboard viewers, this interface grants the user two views of the same information on a standard computer screen. The user is given a direct 360 angled view, as though they are inside of the 360 image, while also positing the bauble representation as a map and reference frame.